SATURNIAN MIST is a Finnish occult black metal band founded in 2006 by vocalist & songwriter fra. Zetekh and guitarist fra. Chaoswind in Kuopio, Finland. The band draws their inspiration from the world of left-hand path occultism, especially from the dark side of the ancient traditions all the way from voodoo and shamanism to oriental mysticism and European paganism.

During the band’s early years the act operated actively in the underground black metal scene. The band made a number of small releases, participated in compilations and executed numerous powerful live performances, from which they became known for. Live concerts started from underground black metal festivals in 2009 with great success. Sathanas In Gloriam Festival in the Netherlands and Black Sunrise Festival in Russia, followed by concerts in Finland, led to an ever-growing number of performances around Europe and their native country Finland.

The band started incorporating more experimental elements and death metal influences into their brand of occult black metal with their debut album ”Gnostikoi Ha-Shaitan” (2011). Because of the album’s rather genre-defying nature, it aroused both the controversy and critical acclaim in the underground black metal circles at the time.

Together with the series of live concerts, it all paved the way for the shape of things to come, eventually leading into signing a deal with CANDLELIGHT RECORDS in 2014. With the sophomore album ”Chaos Magick” (2015), the experimental and tribal elements inspired by voodoo and shamanism became now a crucial part of the band’s musical output both on the albums and on stage. The second album was promoted with the band’s first European tour in the end of 2015 together with several club and festival appearances. After the performances in 2017 the act withdrew into an album making hiatus.

At the dawn of 2021 SATURNIAN MIST signed a record deal with PETRICHOR / HAMMERHEART RECORDS. The band’s third full-length album titled ”Shamatanic” (2021) was set to be released in September 2021 world wide.

- Bio by M.S. (2021)

fra. Zetekh - Vocals (2006- )
fra. Ferreus - Guitars (2017- )
fra. Macabrum - Bass guitars (2013- )
fra. Kult - Percussions (2015- )
fra. Vile - Drums (2012- )
fra. Sadolov - Guitars [Live] (2021- )

Former/live members
fra. Sota - Percussions (2015-2020)
fra. Chaoswind - Guitars (2006-2018)
fra. Ptahaz - Guitars (2012-2017), Bass (2009-2012)
fra. Psychonaught - Percussions, additional instruments (2013-2015)
Desolate - Bass guitar (2012-2013)
Flamen - Bass guitar [Live] (2012)
Shu-Ananda - Guitars (2010-2012)
A - Drums & Live Percussions (2008-2009, 2012)
Det - Bass guitar [Live] (2011)
Wyrmfang - Drums (2009-2011)
Noxifer - Guitars, Drums (2009-2010)

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